Joe Porcelli, trhough his consultancy, JVP International, offers services in the areas of:

  • Heterogeneous catalyst R&D, Manufacture, Sales
  • Process Research, Development, Licensing
  • Economic Evaluation and Modeling of Process Technologies, Product Portfolios and Businesses
  • Market Evaluation and Supply/Demand Studies
  • Patent and Product Line Portfolio Analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Due diligence of merger/acquisition opportunities
  • Trouble shooting industrial catalytic reactor operating problems
  • Expert witness testimony and generally advise clients on all phases of new process and product development from concept to commercialization

Since its formation in 2001, JVP International has completed projects dealing with many of the major petrochemicals, heterogeneous catalysts and other products and processes.

Today, the practice of JVP International includes guidance to small and large companies on bringing new process or catalyst technologies to commercialization, studies on opportunities to reduce the energy intensity of chemical processes, business or technological studies of segments of the chemical industry or individual technology areas, litigation support for forensic consulting firms and expert witness work.