Our Clients

The majority of our clients since we were formed in 2001 have been operating companies. Often, I have participated with other individuals or consulting companies in satisfying the needs of clients, usually as a subcontractor. in a few cases, I have worked with a law firm or underwriting organizations in investigating a technical situation, and in a number of cases I, either alone or in cooperation with other consultants, have reviewed the plans and the status of effort of a “startup” company, for a group of investors who are considering investing in that startup. Finally, a fair amount of work has been done over the years for the U.S. Department of Energy, sometimes as a reviewer or as an advisor to DOE on how to focus their RFPs. I have also led several multiyear studies of research opportunities in the chemical industry for DOE.

Operating Companies

  • Abengoa
  • Air Products
  • American Styrenics
  • Baerlocher
  • BP International
  • C2Biotechnologies
  • DSM Copolymer
  • Exelus
  • Graphea
  • Linde
  • Lord Engineering
  • MTR
  • Prime 3 Labs
  • Range Fuels
  • Regent
  • Scientific Design
  • Segetis
  • Shepherd Chemical
  • SI Group
  • Symyx
  • Velocys

Consulting Companies

  • Catalyst Group
  • Chemical Strategies
  • CMAI
  • Energetics
  • Forrestal
  • FTI
  • IHS Global
  • LECG
  • Nexant
  • Porcelli Consultants
  • Peter H. Spitz Advisory Services

Consultant Networks

  • ACC&CE
  • CCN
  • Forte Investigations
  • GLG
  • TASA
  • Vista Research

Venture Companies

  • Arch Venture Group
  • Phoenix Venture Partners
  • Reynolds Group Holdings
  • Texas Pacific Group
  • Vantage Point Capital Partners

Law Firms

  • Cleary Gottlieb
  • Kirkland & Ellis
  • Milbank Tweed
  • Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP

Law Firms

  • Clear Gottlieb
  • Kirkland & Ellis
  • Milbank Tweed
  • Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP


  • AIG
  • Charles Taylor Adjustors
  • FM Global
  • Vericlaim, Inc.
  • Zelle