JVP International, Inc., President and Principal January 2001 to present

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Scientific Design has had a striking success record in licensing process technologies to the international chemical industries and furnishing catalysts for use in those technologies.

President and CEO 1988-2000

Managed a team of about 40 professionals and had full P&L responsibility, reporting to the Managing Director of Linde Engineering/Contracting division of Linde AG. Major accomplishments included:

  • Development and management of two technology alliances that strengthened the competitive position of the company in its most important product lines.
  • Re-organization and revitalization of the company, particularly with respect to strengthening its research and development and plant commissioning activities.
  • Executive level sales in support of the company’s catalyst and licensing businesses.
  • Led the implementation of ISO 9002 registration.
  • Led the company’s acquisition efforts, including the purchase of a licensed technology business line, complementing those of SD.


Director, Process Evaluation/Research Planning 1987-1988

Had full P&L responsibility for the company’s largest multiclient program. Tasks included:

  • Technical oversight of major and topical reports on process technologies.
  • Global sales and marketing to the firm’s clients located in such countries as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil and Argentina.
  • Arranged and chaired international technical conferences.
  • Participated in and led a number of single client consulting engagements for the firm’s clients.

HALCON SD GROUP, INC., Montvale, NJ, and New York City 1960-1987

Halcon/Scientific Design had an unequaled record of success as an entrepreneurial developer of new chemical technologies, carrying out research and development, licensing, engineering/construction and investment in the international petrochemical field. Halcon was privately held from its founding in 1946 until 1982, when purchased by Texas Eastern.

President 1985-1987

Major responsibilities were:

  • Managed a professional team of over 300, and had full P&L responsibility, reporting to Vice President of Texas Eastern Corp.
  • Oversaw the development of new technologies included those needed to support Texas Eastern’s business objectives.

Vice President, Technology and Vice President, Development 1977-1985

Major responsibilities were:

  • Oversight of all R&D programs of Halcon SD.
  • Acted as the technical liaison with Arco Chemical and Oxirane in the startup of a plant utilizing novel Halcon acetoxylation technology to produce ethylene glycol directly from ethylene and oxygen.

Vice President and General Manager of Catalyst Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Halcon SD 1975-1977

Major responsibilities included:

  • Full P&L responsibility for catalyst R&D, manufacturing and sales subsidiary of Halcon SD.
  • Executive level sales in support of catalyst business.

Member of the development department 1960-1975

Held a series of technical positions, including responsibility for:

  • The process development and improvement function in support of SD’s ethylene oxide technology.
  • Management of the testing and commercialization of new generations of EO catalysts.
  • Led the development and commercialization of SD’s oxygen-based process.
  • Chief operator for the operation of SD’s first plant conversions from air to oxygen, as well as chief operator, shift operator and process advisor for a number of air-process EO plant startups in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.


All undergraduate, graduate and Executive Program education at Columbia University.

Columbia University School of Business (Executive Program) 1975-1977 M.S. in Business Policy

Columbia University School of Engineering 1954-1960
D. Eng. Sci. in Chemical Engineering 1963

Technical Societies:

Active in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Société de Chimie Industrielle, American Section and the Assoc. of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers, Inc.
Member of American Chemical Society, ChemPharma, CDMA, Chemical Consultants Network and CECON.