About Joe Porcelli


My industrial career spanned about 40 years, primarily in one family of companies. I spent one year consulting with ChemSystems, Tarrytown, NY in 1987-88. The last two decades of my industrial experiences are described briefly below. To view my complete resume click here.

President and CEO

Scientific Design Company, Inc. Little Ferry, NJ
(August 1988 – December 2000)

Chief Executive with P&L responsibility for this newly-acquired subsidiary of Linde AG (Munich, Germany). Scientific Design operates globally as a process engineering, technology licensing, catalyst R&D and sales firm, with special expertise in catalyst and process technology for the manufacture of ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol and other EO derivatives. SD carried out autonomous R&D, sales, engineering, licensing and manufacturing. As CEO, my style was “hands on”, and I managed the growth of the company under Linde, including our installation of the first new offices to house the growing process engineering department that was need to handle a decade-long boom in ethylene oxide/glycol manufacturing planta around the world. I also negotiated the sale and purchase of packages of process technologies and businesses, and initiated and executed several international technology and business alliances.


Halcon SD Group, New York City and Little Ferry, NJ
(1985 – 1987)

  • Responsible for reducing operating losses of this recently-acquired 600-person, diversified subsidiary of Texas Eastern.
  • Reduction of operating losses by downsizing the group, re-organization and relocation of the group to New Jersey, refocusing research objectives and improving research and development productivity.
  • Sale of parts of the company and of technology packages, and closing down remaining operations

Vice President, Technology

Halcon SD Group, New York City
(1980 – 1985

  • Responsible for overseeing the development of new technologies for investment or licensing out as well as supporting the existing licensing portfolio.
  • Refocused technology development activities after acquisition of the company by Texas Eastern Corporation in 1982, including those needed to support the parent companies activities.